A perspective to education that combines online education with the traditional classroom approach is referred to as blended learning.

It is often referred to as “Hybrid Learning”. This concept has gained popularity over the last decade. It has made education more personalized and convenient for everyone. With such a big platform students can learn anywhere and anytime. Listed as one of the top 10 schools in Mohali, we motivate our students to learn both ways.

Here are some benefits of blended learning:

• It is convenient and flexible. It enables students to learn anywhere and anytime.

• It provides a platform for learners to interact with each other while studying.

• Blended learning is cost effective.

• More teacher-student engagement. Students can provide instant feedback to the teachers.

• Students can learn based on their pace of understanding and eventually track their progress. The teachers can also track their students’ performance.

• It gives teachers an extended time with the students. The conversation isn’t only confined to the classroom but beyond that.

• The engagement with a wide range of information helps the students stay focused for longer.
• With the heavy integration of technology, information can be retained for a longer period of time.

• Information can be delivered to a broad audience effectively and quickly.

• For an educator, blended learning has an extended reach. This can save a lot of time when you are teaching right from your desk.

• It improves the education process and eases the routine tasks of the students.

• Round the clock access to the training resources if you have a strong internet connection.

Considered the best Mohali CBSE school, Gurukul World School, we enable techniques that help students in the long run.

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