Ever wondered how some people have such excellent critical thinking skills? Well it’s not something that you cannot nurture yourself. How? As the best Mohali School, we share some wonderful strategies to build critical thinking skills.

Keep Learning

The process of learning is an ongoing one that lasts throughout our lives. Lifelong learners have an innate curiosity to question everything and find out things for themselves even when nobody else would teach them. They do so by reading, talking to experts, going online or attending conferences. So always keep on learning.

Think beyond yourself

Critical thinkers are broad-minded in their approach. They think for the collective development for all. They strive to get to the core of a problem or an issue to find a rational solution that appeals to everyone.

Be open-minded

If you want to strengthen your critical-thinking skills then start looking beyond your own thought process. Efficient critical thinkers seek to find out new solutions to old problems. They don’t always go the tried-and-tested way. They collaborate with others and listen to their viewpoints to improve themselves.

Avoid too much information

Information is a great thing, but too much of it? Not necessarily so. When you expose yourself to an overload of information you are bound to get confused which will affect your comprehension and decision-making ability. Critical thinkers look at the big picture as they know they’ll never have all the information but they can still make a difference with what they have and what they do with it.

Analyze yourself.

Always introspect and self-analyze. Spending time on your thinking process, strengths and weaknesses will enable you to become more understanding of yourself. This will help you to explain to others why and how you came to a particular conclusion or solution. Critical thinkers also are more open to changing their views when they get new/more information allows deeper understanding.

Being one of the top 10 schools in Mohali, we would like to tell you that developing these skills is highly important but they won’t be developed in a day. Keep working, keep learning and keep growing.

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