Possessing a positive mindset in the classroom has enormous benefits on physical, mental, and emotional health. A negative mindset can hold a person back from reaching his or her true potential and blocks the person from moving forward in life.

Teaching children how to think positive and encouraging a positive attitude can help students believe in themselves, and that’s when every child attains the originality. Attitudes and perceptions about the learning climate and classroom tasks are the two factors that affect learning in the classroom.

Gurukul World School, best CBSE schools in Mohali discusses some strategies on how teachers can inspire optimism among children:


Learning is inhibited when the students do not feel accepted by the teacher and their peers. Teachers can foster student’s sense of acceptance in the classroom in many ways such as by greeting students at the door, paying attention to each student in the school, calling students with their first or preferred name, and rewarding them by touching in appropriate and acceptable ways. Feeling accepted in the classroom can create a positive learning climate.

Physical Comfort

Classroom atmosphere matters a lot when it comes to the way people feel and think. Physical factors such as room temperature, the arrangement of the furniture and cleanliness affect the student’s comfort. Also, students as a group can learn about keeping things in order such as how to arrange desks, when and what kind of breaks to take, and what to display on the bulletin boards, etc.

Value of the Tasks

The perceived value of tasks is vital to the learner’s success. Students feel more motivated when the tasks allotted to them are aligned with the personal goals they want to achieve.

Impact of Task

If learners do not have a transparent model of how the task given to them is impacted, then their efforts to complete the task will be ineffective. It is always a great idea to provide clear and robust guidelines to the students about how to perform tasks and to meet the expectations. Also, help students to visualize a positive outcome before starting of every scenario or task.

Help students change negative thinking

Try to educate students by giving an example of negative thoughts and feelings and replacing them with positive thoughts. One of the most popular methods is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is designed to change an individual’s negative beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours with positive ones.

Gurukul World School, the top 10 schools in Mohali, tries to encourage positivity and inspire optimism among students and teachers.

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