Home economics, alternatively known as home science or domestic science is a field of education that deals with relationship between individuals, families, communities and environment they live in. It includes learning skills like sewing, cooking and home finances. Home economics teaches an individual to handle home effectively and efficiently. The current age-independent youth is not only passionate about their jobs but also wants to be effective homemakers. As the best CBSE schools in Mohali, we at Gurukul World School believe it becomes imperative for them to study home economics. 


The points listed below highlights the importance of learning home economics:


Healthy Lifestyle

Parent’s not cooking food at home and ordering junk food from outside is the prime cause for it. With such bad food habits, children don’t learn the importance of healthy foods and how to prepare them. It not only teaches individuals about how to prepare food but also about nutritional value proper portion size. 


Sustainable Environment

According to a report by Education for Sustainable Development, the United Nations has declared the years between 2005 and 2014 a time of advancing knowledge about sustainability, as well as taking action to that end. Home economics plays a very pivotal role in this effect. Reusability is a skill that Home science teaches them.


Responsible Citizens

Home economics shapes individuals into responsible citizens of the nation. Individuals learn about consumer rights. They not only become responsible citizens but also responsible family members. They can identify family problems and provide effective solutions to those problems.


Wide Career Opportunities

Home economics provides wide career opportunities to individuals. Home economics offers a wide range of areas to study. After studying such a variety of modules one can be either self-employed or wage employed in any of those areas at a much younger age.


Frequently listed among the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, at the Gurukul World School we believe home economics not only benefits you as an individual but also the community as a whole. One can learn how to balance his/her work life and personal life. The part-time job opportunities ensure that individuals can earn money while taking care of their homes.

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