“One of the greatest needs of the human spirit is to be inspired and to inspire”

This quote is the essence of what a teacher is to her students. Children spend most of their time in the classroom. As the best Mohali school, it is imperative that the classroom becomes a place where they want to stay and learn. The only way to achieve this is to have an atmosphere that is inviting and inspiring for the students.

Our education system has been known to be assessed based and convention. Though in recent times there have been improvements. We still have a long way to go.

Listed below are some steps that as a teacher one can take make the classroom an inspiring place to be in:

Introduce Themes

In collaboration with the students, teachers can have different themes for the classroom every month. Every student should be given a chance to contribute something to the decor of the classroom.

Visual Aids

Posters and charts pertaining to the subject being taught act as a great way to add some variety to the teaching instruction in the classroom.

Create Choices

While making a student review what they have learned, let them choose how to express themselves. Some might prefer the visual medium others the written. But it will give them a chance to showcase their creativity.

Divide and Conquer

While tackling particularly complicated concepts, use the divide and conquer concept and break down the topics into smaller sections to keep the students engaged.

Incorporate Playtime

The incorporation of games and humor is known to spark creativity and spontaneity amongst the students.

Create a Community

Make sure that you promote the community values of tolerance and co-working within a classroom. Having a supportive teacher is good but having the support of your peers is essentially a courage booster.

We as one of the top CBSE schools in Mohali ensure that our teachers create a healthy inspiring environment for our students to thrive in.

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