Shyness is one of the many natural features of human behaviour, like, anger or happiness. Everyone feels shy at one or the other moment in their lives. However, more often than not, excessive shyness becomes a hurdle in peoples’ lives and becomes a barrier between them and the growth and rewards they deserve. Studies show that shy students often don’t ask for teachers when they have some doubt and this hinders their learning by a considerable amount.

Excessive shyness does also results in low level of confidence in a child. This too adds to the obstacles in his/her to way to become the marvellous person that he/she can be. Many Psychologists believe that if a child is too shy and he/she doesn’t break through it to the real world and friends, it is possible that with passage of time, the child may become repulsive to the society and surroundings. This can cause serious issues.

So, it is evidently important to make sure that the child’s shyness is in limits, that there shyness isn’t not veiling over their existence. On that note, we, at Gurukul World School, one of the top schools in Mohali, would like to suggest some ways through which you can help your kids to tackle their shyness and overcome this hurdle to their holistic development.

Be Kind and Understanding

Firstly! Even if you believe that your child is acting too shy and abandoning social interaction, do not express your anxiousness or worry angrily. Control your temper with wit and let the kid know that you understand his/her position or difficulties. Yelling, scolding, or screaming can only complicate the problem instead of solving it. Hence, try to get close to the kids and understand their point of view to make them realize that the world is, after all, not a bad place.

Don’t Let Them Be In Shadows

Shy children often try to sneak away from gatherings, friendly get-togethers, and people. They usually make themselves scarce during the house parties or social gatherings held in the house. Try not to let your kids to run away from the people and help them gel with the others. Introduce them to other kids of their age and try to keep them engaged in such gatherings.

Teach them Self-Esteem and Positivity

In most cases, researchers have observed that shy kids are often made to feel inferior about them, which results in, forces them to want to crawl into a shell for protection. Most shy kids have this social phobia contemplating a blow from the outer world that will further lessen their self-confidence. So, they prefer to evade any interaction that might make them feel small and weak. Let your kids know that their identity does not depend on what others say or think. Teach them to take a stand for themselves and fight with courage to defy all odds. Tell them inspirational stories of the personalities who have faced numerous humiliations from society but have left their mark in history by not giving up.

Here at Gurukul World School the best Mohali school, we believe that the potential to overcome every difficulty in life lies within the spirit of every child. This is why we have qualified and trained teachers who give all our students methodological assistance and guidance to encourage the shy kids to come out of their shells and mix well with their peers. All our teachers and staff are obligated to maintain a friendly learning environment in classrooms. We are supportive of cooperative, mutually enriching, and intrepid learning where questioning and being questioned are equally encouraged, which helps us to nourish the dauntless soul of every child.

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