Extracurricular activities lie in a completely different domain of education. These include debates, sports, art, and academic activities and are also known as extra-academic activities.

They play an important role in defining a child’s skill outside the classroom. Along with learning various activities, children learn how to manage time properly. It opens a number of doors to new opportunities for students to acknowledge their strengths and what they want to do in the future.

Known as the best school in Mohali, we at Gurukul World School, have come up with a few points on the importance of extracurricular activities:

Better Attendance

Children who are involved in extracurricular activities tend to have a better attendance record as compared to those who aren’t. Along with studies they get to explore the important aspects of participating in other activities. This leads to effective learning and good results.


When a child’s mind is growing it encounters various distractions. If involved in extracurricular activities, children learn to commit themselves to a particular goal. Thus enabling them to focus on a particular path.

Improved Communication and Coordination

Children learn the importance of effective communication with fellow classmates while getting involved in extracurricular activities. It helps them improve their coordination and learn the importance of working in a team.

Preparation for Future Leadership

When children learn the importance of coordination, they learn how to be able to lead their team with individual efforts. This prepares them for the future.

Helps Build a Strong Resume

When you are preparing yourself for the future, you will be able to access better opportunities with your skills. This would prove beneficial while applying for jobs or scholarships.

Productive Break from Studies

Instead of leading monotonous schedule children are able to explore various other activities that help them stimulate their creativity. They get to socialize with other children and their self-esteem increases. They won’t shy away while putting forth their opinion.

Listed amongst the top 10 schools in Mohali, at Gurukul World School we make sure that our students indulge in co-curricular activities and grow up to be successful in whatever field they choose.

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