With lives getting busier and ongoing evolution of the Indian culture vis-a-vis the western culture, which advocates freedom in a way that may not be good for younger children. Disciplining children presents an enormous challenge in itself that may seem next to impossible to overcome.

The teachers at the Gurukul World School, the best CBSE schools in Mohali, brings to you ways to discipline your child effectively and assuredly.

Make Changes In Your Strategy

Create a system for the child to base all aspects of his life on. Make sure you plan the day for your child and make a timetable the child has to follow. Cover everything when you make the timetable. Make sure to schedule their playtime as well as time spent on studies.

Appreciate Your Child 

An optional approach can be by introducing a reward-based approach. Make sure you reward your child both by praising and further by giving them whatever they like. Similarly, make a chart for their meals and make sure the child has a balanced diet comprising of all seasonal fruits and veggies.

Balance Your Approach

Always try to balance your approach. You need to be stern but at the same time, the child should not lose confidence in you. Also, base your approach on what the child has to deal with otherwise in the household. If there is already someone who is very strict or very lenient, try to compliment that person by being the opposite but at the same time not overdoing it.

Your Bond Needs To Be Nourished

Make sure you have some time for a fruitful conversation where the child is comfortable enough to discuss his or her life with you. Never compromise on this. Always make sure you try to discuss all aspects of life to get them ready to face life themselves. Children are smarter than adults so never underestimate them.

Change yourself

Never forget that you are a role model for your child. They learn to behave first from you than others. So be the person first you expect your children to become. Respect them and others around if you want them to be respectful.

Never Do These 

Never shout at them. It is the easiest thing to do. But it will end up ruining your child’s life. With time your shouting and screaming will stop making any difference to the child and the child may end up being defiant or will start lying or keeping secrets from you. The children will lose confidence in themselves and in you.

Being counted among the top CBSE schools in Mohali, we believe all these methods are sure to reap in the rewards.

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