At times when everything is shut down, it’s normal to feel stressed and anxious. With schools also closed, parents are more than just worried about their kids’ education and changing habits. But it is also an opportunity to make better relationships with children and teenagers. Some one-to-one time would be fun. It will make your children feel loved and secure and shows them they are important.

Gurukul World School, listed as the best school in Mohali, discusses the following tips to cultivate inner joy and reduce stress and anxiety in your children during the lockdown time.

Set Aside Time To Spend With Each Child

Spend some time with your children each day at a set time, so your children look forward to it. It could be just for 20 minutes or longer.

Ask Your Child What They Would Like To Do

Asking your children beforehand what they want to do as giving them a choice builds self-confidence in them. Some fun activities can be inculcated in their daily routine to break the monotony.

Ideas With Your Baby/ Toddlers

Imitate your toddler’s facial expressions and sounds so that they get more interactive. Sing songs, make music with utensils in the kitchen, or simply read a book to bring out the creativity in your kid.

Ideas With Your Teenager

Try to inculcate hobbies in your children like gardening, cooking together with them, exercising together to their favourite music. Get them to debate about recent topics and ask for their take on the situation.

Ideas With Your Young Child

Help your young ones by making them practice their syllabus. Make them dance to their favourite songs and simply do a chore together like cleaning or playing a game. Drive their creativity by making them draw day-to-day life objects.

Focus On Your Breath

The idea is to breathe in for the same amount of time as one breathes out. So when one breathes in for a count of four and breathes out for a mental count of four by imagining the numbers in your head, it creates mindfulness and aligns the body and mind.

It’s a crucial time for you and your kids. Cultivating inner joy has become all the way more essential, so give them your full attention. You may not always remember what makes you happy, and it is so easy to get caught up in the drama and overwhelming conditions surrounding us. Gurukul World School, one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, urges you to practice the above tips to reduce unnecessary stress and encourages you to inculcate good and positive habits for you and your children.


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