Who doesn’t love the smell of rain and growing things? Every time the rain starts to pour, a sudden temptation to get drenched compels you to leave your house and step out in the damp surroundings. But monsoon is always accompanied by infections and illness. Children need extra care and attention during the monsoon as they are more vulnerable to diseases. WeGurukul World School the best CBSE school in Mohali have come up with some safety tips to keep children safe during monsoon.

Carry a Raincoat or Umbrella

No matter if it is raining or not children should always carry an umbrella or a raincoat wherever they go. Make a monsoon essential kit for your child which he/she carry in their school bag just in case it starts raining when they are going or leaving their school. The kit should include a raincoat or umbrella, a hand towel and an extra pair of uniform if it is available.

Refrain from Junk Food or Street Food

Rains give rise to germs and diseases like typhoid, malaria, and dengue. Our stomach falls prey for such diseases really fast so ditch the heavy and oily food and replace it with freshly cooked homemade food.  Raw or semi-cooked food should be avoided as they may have germs or insects.

Ensure Proper Clothing and Footwear

Damp or tight synthetic clothes might leave your skin itchy or prone to fungal infections. Wear loose cotton clothes which absorb the sweat and let your skin breathe. Always keep the raincoats and gumboots clean and dry. Take bath twice a day to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Change the Recreation Activities

Children love to play, especially, when it is raining outside. However, they might get ill if they play outside, so replace their recreation activities with indoor games such as carrom, table tennis, chess, etc.

Stay Clear Off Puddles or Stagnant Water

Children love to splash or sail paper boats in stagnant water or puddles. But they are breeding grounds for mosquitos and insects which can lead to serious illness. So, keep your children clear off puddles or stagnant water.

Carrying a mosquito repellant which is pocket-friendly is always recommended during monsoons. A little care can prevent you from unpleasant consequences and ensure your safety and health during monsoon and we the best Mohali school ensure your ward is healthy and happy.

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