Welcome to Gurukul World School, one of the Best CBSE Schools in Mohali is dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience for students. With a strong focus on academic excellence, character development, and extracurricular activities, Gurukul World School stands out as a trusted institution in Mohali. Let’s explore the key features and achievements of this esteemed educational institution.

Embarking on an Engaging Academic Journey
We believe that education should be a transformative journey. With a comprehensive academic curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation, students are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our experienced and dedicated teachers go beyond the traditional methods of teaching to create an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Holistic Development
We understand that a well-rounded education is essential for the overall development of a child. Apart from academic excellence, We place a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, sports, and character development. Our state-of-the-art campus provides a conducive environment for students to explore their passions and nurture their talents. From sports tournaments to cultural events, students have ample opportunities to showcase their skills and develop a sense of teamwork and leadership.

Celebrating Achievements
At Gurukul World School, we take pride in the achievements of our students. From securing top positions in district-level athletics championships to shining in taekwondo championships, our students have consistently displayed exceptional talent and dedication. These achievements are a testament to the hard work, discipline, and guidance provided by our teachers and staff.

Digital Learning for the Future
In the era of technology, we embrace digital learning to enhance educational experiences. By integrating digital tools and resources into our teaching methods, we prepare students for the digital age and equip them with the skills needed for the future. Our commitment to digital learning ensures that students are not only tech-savvy but also critical thinkers and responsible digital citizens.

Gurukul World School is more than just an educational institution; it is a place where knowledge, excellence, and holistic development converge. With a robust academic program, a commitment to digital learning, and a focus on extracurricular activities, our students are well-prepared to face the future with confidence. Join us at Gurukul World School, counted among Top 10 CBSE Schools in Mohali and embark on a transformative educational journey that will shape the lives of your children.


About Us

Gurukul World School is a temple of learning where each child's individuality is valued and polished


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