Reading is a skill most of us possess but how many of us are actually practicing mindful active reading?

Why is Reading Essential?

Exposure to a New Point of View:
The ones who read are known to have a broader understanding and a clearer world view.

Self Improvement:
Reading gives an outlet for most people to learn from other peoples mistakes. It makes us better planners, better memorizers and more.

Better Communicators:
Communication is essential to succeed in today’s environment. It is a way to travel without traveling, a way to gain experience without being the one suffering. A person can only talk if they have something to say and reading provides people with the tools to communicate.

Being the best CBSE schools in Mohali, believe that beyond reading it is essential that one reads actively to ensure they cover a lot of ground while gaining knowledge from a given piece of literature.

Active Reading techniques

Below are some techniques that effective readers employ to ensure that they absorb the most information from the text.

• Highlight or underline while going through the text, it will make it easier to remember what was important when you come back to the text.

• Make notes and write what you have inferred from the text.

• Test yourself by recalling what you have read and going back to the book to fill out the points you missed.

• Having some backstory into the author’s intent behind writing a certain passage will allow you to contextually infer the information better.

• Breaking information down and then concentrating on smaller sections allows for easier retention of information.

• At times skimming through the text without reading the actual text also gives an overall view.

• Using reference material ( dictionary, thesaurus, charts etc.) also helps in better comprehension of the text.

Counted among top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, we ensure that the tips given above can only assist you and we make sure that you get the best guidance by our teachers to maximize your retention through reading.

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