Education per se is an all-round holistic development of a child. At school, the child not just gains knowledge of various subjects but gets groomed into an individual ready to face the world. So just intellectual development doesn’t suffice rather but development of the moral, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects are equally important. Gurukul World School, one of the top 10 schools in Mohali, pays special attention to co-curricular activities apart from academics

Children, naturally are more receptive to new ideas than adults. At an age where we use our brains to the most, it is imperative that an all-round development takes place.

In fact, intellectual development won’t be of much use if it isn’t backed by the implementation of ideas and the self-belief of putting that intellect to use.

Another important fact is, the students who might not do well in studies, may be excellent in some other co-curricular activity especially sports. They can gain recognition from that activity and boost their much-needed self-confidence.

The role of co-curricular activities thus is to focus beyond the pen and paper and look to impart other crucial skills to the child. Since the learning acquired is by practical means, it is acquired by the child in a better way.


Apart from the physical development of the child, sports also impart crucial skills such as teamwork and the fighting spirit required to surmount an obstacle in life.

The physical exertion is essential to provide a break from the mental exertion the child has to undertake in academic activities.

In fact, leadership qualities develop more in sporting activities rather than in the classroom.

Debates/ Declamations/ Mock press conferences etc

Public speaking is a crucial skill to be acquired by the child and is detrimental in the professional life of an individual. The benefits gained are practically unlimited. Moreover, children learn to be abreast of current affairs. They become more aware of their role both with their immediate environment and as a citizen of the country.

Art , Music, Dance

School life is not all black and blue but its about colours as well. The students learn to be creative and develop cognitive skills. In these classes. Art and Craft have had a major influence on human history. Renaissance greats like Leonardo Da Vinci and India’s very own great Rabindranath Tagore were great artists first and had a major contribution in shaping the future of mankind. Art activities are pivotal in overall development of the child.

Co-curricular activities, thus are equally significant as classes held in a classroom. Schools should ensure 100% participation of children in at least one such activity.

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