In the 21st century, average thinking is not it; when the era is advancing, why not the ‘ability to think’ to remain under-developed. Best Mohali school believes that critical and creative thinking skills are essential for students believes that who plan to work and excel in the 21st-century workforce.

If we think about a primary goal of schooling as preparation for the world of work, “we need to be concerned about whether schooling requires and develops creative thinking, because for [students] to stay competitive in most jobs, it is and will always be necessary for them to come up with their ideas.” Critical thinking allows kids to understand the world, including how they see themselves in that world. Additionally, kids who learn to think critically tend to be observant and open-minded.

This era has taken a massive jump over a medieval sequel of the past where students are passing their exams like that, no thorough exams, no schools, no teachers…. only they and their laptop knows it all. So, at this time to your developing minds, it is pertinent to make them aware of how much it is good and essential to be a creative and critical thinker. Uniqueness is important, so is the creativity in your mindset, everyone needs something popping, something different, something which attracts in the first be it an idea or just an idea of making…………….everything needs to be done in a very own way which tells how much creative you are, and that will not come by just reading your books.

You can help your child develop critical and creative thinking by:

  • encouraging them to explore, be curious, come up with questions, and investigate how things work
  • asking them to think of different ways to solve problems
  • providing choices of activities that involve planning and decision making
  • asking them to describe their thinking and give reasons for it
  • showing them it is OK to make mistakes
  • sharing your mistakes and what you learned from them
  • valuing their ideas and efforts.

In 1720, when oxford university went shut down for two years due to plague, everyone got locked in their houses for two years; a young boy of 23 years old utilized his time and jointly invented a new branch of maths that we know as calculus today. Yes, this is the same calculus that we use in economics, space science, machine engineering, and developing digital twins.

Best school in Mohali help children learn to think critically and creatively so they can reach their potential and grow to solve the world’s problems in innovative ways. During the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, please encourage your child to be the best version of themselves.

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