Summer slide refers to the decline in reading and other academic skills during summer holidays as kids are away from school and learning. Gurukul World School, the best Mohali school, tells you how you can prevent summer slide in kids.

Start with reading aloud

If you want your child’s language skills to develop properly and beautifully, start reading out to them. Make them read too. Reading isn’t good for just vocabulary or comprehension, but it also works wonders for better bonding. Make your reading time with kids your special bonding time.

Try singing

Similar to reading, singing out loud is great for preventing the effects of summer slide. Music promotes language development and math skills via concepts of rhythms, beats and sequencing. These help in maintaining stable cognitive functions and development.

 Set up schedules

The younger the children are the shorter their attention span. But their concentration improves as they get grow up. But then how do you get small kids to focus on their lessons. It’s simple – create a learning schedule by breaking it up into small chunks of time. This will not overwhelm them as all the activities will have to be completed within a particular time slot enabling them to focus better.

Cut down on screen time

In today’s age, it’s not easy to get no screen time daily so completely restricting it doesn’t sound fruitful. You can however set tabs on how long you want your child to use an electronic tech device. Ideally, total daily screen exposure should not be more than 1 hour. Make sure that 1 hour is being used productively.

Theme-based learning

Theme-based learning is an excellent way to beat summer slide and it is used in various early years learning models. This style of learning instills a natural interest for learning in children and ignites their curiosity in subjects. Kids also get to develop skills like literacy, math, art, music, etc.

Being one of the best CBSE schools in Mohali, we understand it’s easy for kids to slip into summer slide but if you follow these simple tips then you can effectively tackle summer slide.

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