Learning is about acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, behavioural patterns, skills and values and which also involves inculcating different types of information. The learning process can be traditional and congenial. Congeniality is helpful when we think in the light of how we interact with others or within our organization.

Gurukul World School listed among the top CBSE schools in Mohali, believes in a friendly way of imparting knowledge as this approach helps students to explore and develop themselves all soundly.

Here are some themes that have emerged as to why we prefer congenial learning:

It helps to know your Students:

A congenial classroom is a one where all students are welcome, all students are seen and given importance and all are known. The teachers make efforts to see their students more than as academic vessels. They interact with students about the things students care about, to notice student’s interests and talk about their life.

Students value their Model – Teachers:

Teachers marked with congeniality exhibit how to relate to others in a loving, warm, kind and respectful manner. Teachers serve as a role model to their students as to how to give and receive these traits in their life. Teachers maintain the environment of the class by inviting students to laugh with and delight in with peculiarity that makes each one of us unique.

Creating opportunities for Students:

A congenial classroom is a one where everybody has a role to play. Teachers can create a classroom environment that encourages cooperative experiential learning. There are opportunities for students to work with each other and discover how to work in respectful and meaningful ways when there are differences in thoughts and opinions.

We at Gurukul World School being the best school in Mohali, set the temper of classroom and learning environment with the hope that it will have a life-changing impact on the lives of students and a congenial learning does just that. It recognizes the importance of relationships and finds creative ways to be expressed by our students.

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