Developing fine motor skills is critical for children’s development and these skills are necessary for the precursor to writing. There are number of activities that students need to build up muscle strength in their hands and also to improve their hand-eye coordination. The development of these skills is an important foundation for the success of other important skills in future such as drawing, writing and self-care.

Gurukul World School listed among the Best CBSE Schools in Mohali believes in developing fine motor skills among students for the overall development of students. Our teachers here want to do everything to set up our students for success.

We have listed below as to how we can impart such skills in students

Through the Way of Learning:

A good way to start this is by having students fill in the letters. This is a great activity for kindergarten students. There are a lot of ways in which they can fill the letters in.

• Supplying a basket full of erasers and instruct them to simply place the eraser inside to build the letter

• Other ways to do this is by using tweezers. You can use tweezers to develop thumb forefinger grasp while filling the letters with small objects like mini pom-poms. Being able to squeeze the tweezers and place the pom-poms is both challenging and rewarding for little students.

Through Creativity:

• One of the best ways to build hand related skills is to let students use their own creativity. To let students grow on multiple levels every student should be given the freedom to build the letters on their own.

• Students love to have a choice and they find different ways to build the letter. They can use beads, wiki sticks, stickers to build letters. To be able to grasp these small objects and place those on the right place help students to build hand-eye coordination.

Through Playing:

Young students need play time as much as they need a formal classroom. We should always try to be intentional to make time for students to explore their hand related skills through play.

We at Gurukul World School counted among Top CBSE Schools in Mohali consider that fine motor skills are a functional task which relies on the foundation of stability strength ability to motor plan and effective coordination of visual-motor information. Through this way, kids are able to perform classroom and school activities to their best.

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