Our education is structured in such a way that academic achievement is accorded utmost importance in a child’s life. However, for wholesome growth and development of children, it is equally important that children engage in community service and volunteer work.

As one of the Best CBSE schools in Mohali, we have listed some of the reasons which might compel you to encourage your child to take up volunteering:

Makes Children More Empathetic

Helping out people in need not only makes children aware of the hardships that some people go through but it also teaches them to sympathize with them by relating to their plight. Every parent wants his child to grow into a compassionate, humble and patient adult who empathizes with the less fortunate and consequently, is driven to make life easier for them. Volunteering can do wonders for children’s personal growth, helps in building their character and broadens their perspective.

Children Learn New Skills

Participating in volunteer work imparts useful practical skills to children which they might not assimilate otherwise. They learn how to plan, organize and execute tasks and events successfully. Besides these, they build various other skills like leadership, teamwork, relationship, cooperation and coordination.

Promotes Civic Responsibility

Kids who engage in community service grow up to be more responsible citizens who want to make the society a better and kinder place for everyone by fighting social injustice. They are more aware of their responsibilities and duties towards society and so are motivated to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

Looks Good On Resume

Volunteer experience can elevate children’s resume at the time of applying to colleges and universities and can help in making a strong impression on the admission committee. Renowned educational institutions place great importance on volunteering activities undertaken by children as it reflects awareness, responsibility, dedication and hard work on the child’s part which are essential for college success.

Enriching Experience For Children

Participating in community building exercises and volunteer work proves to be an immensely enlightening experience for children as it enriches them from within. Studies have shown that kids who volunteer tend to be happier, healthier and calmer. Not only do they forge strong networks, but they also get to explore their interests and passions and work towards them. Moreover, it teaches them about the real-world problems up close and personal.

At Gurukul World School, among the top schools in Mohali, we believe that young minds ought to be encouraged to participate in community initiatives and volunteer work to build a better world for everyone.

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