Hyperactive children are brimming with limitless energy jumping from activity to activity every moment. They don’t sit still and are always distracted and on the move. As one of the best CBSE schools in Mohali, we have rounded up some tips that will help you deal with a hyperactive child.


Set up an Orderly Environment at Home


Normally the environment provided at home is relaxed and easy for the most of us. And this works well too. But for kids that are hyperactive with an overabundance of energy, such an atmosphere at home may not always be the best. This is because they need proper order and clear environments to function optimally. So as parents you need to keep the home environment orderly and clear so that your child knows what is expected of him or her.


Limit Distractions


Hyperactive kids get distracted by things that most people wouldn’t normally notice as much as they do. This becomes a challenge when doing homework as it requires great concentration and focus. An effective way of tackling this is to create a space that has minimum distractions. Involve your kid in creating this space so that it feels welcoming and warm and the child feels comfortable being there and doing his work.


Positive Reinforcements


For most hyperactive kids, completing their work and assignments on time is a huge challenge as they get distracted easily and often. Make them realize why it is important for them to complete their tasks on time and the value in them. Whenever they successfully complete their work on time, reward them with some kind of prize. This is not a bribe but an acknowledgement and appreciation for their hard work.


Create a To-Do List


A to-do list works great not just for adults but for kids as well. Sit down with your kid and prepare a list of the activities and tasks that he/she has to complete. Whenever the child becomes confused, bored or distracted he can refer to this list. There should be no pressure on the child to complete the tasks within a specific time period or in any particular order.


While there is no particular set of rules that tells you how to effectively deal with hyperactive kids, these simple tips provided by the best school in Mohali will surely make your task a lot easier.

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