Cocoon: A Safe Space For Student Happiness and Growth

The focus is on students’ Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Cognitive and physical development. We follow interactive activity-based pedagogy aimed at the holistic development of students. The difficulty level of activities increases from Playway to UKG, thus ensuring scaffolding and continuous development of students.

Cocoon’s Academic Approach

Gurukul’s Kindergarten wing, The Cocoon, follows a meticulously designed curriculum to build a strong foundation for a smooth transition from a playschool to elementary education and achieve more in their educative journey.

I. Hands-on Experience & Teach Aids

The academic curriculum is undertaken through planned hands-on activities that ensure student engagement and learning. Smartboard-equipped classrooms lead to IT integration providing effective teaching-learning outcomes.

II. Pragmatic Teaching

Students are also provided real-life experiences through various on-campus organized activities involving professionals and regular off-campus visits throughout the academic session.

III. Intensive Sports Module

Train coaches to achieve physical development through regular sports, extra skating, and gymnastics coaching. Students hone their creative skills through Art and Craft, Music and Dance classes undertaken by trained staff.

IV. Infusion of Self-Confidence

Particular emphasis is laid upon communication skills and confidence development through stage presentations. Students are given ample opportunities to go on stage and face the audience to overcome their shyness and become confident and well-spoken individuals.


About Us

Gurukul World School is a temple of learning where each child's individuality is valued and polished


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