With the arrival of exams, students start facing jitters but there is nothing to worry. If you plan your studies and work hard you can definitely score well in your exams. It is important to complete the syllabus but at the same time properly utilizing the time while preparing for the most exams.

Gurukul World School being the Best School in Mohali understands that students face pressure and anxiety during exams so we have come up with certain tips that will help you prepare thoroughly for your exams:

Schedule your Study Time:

Make a schedule and plan out on how much time you need to give for each subject. You need to get organized, study a little every day and give yourself a break of approximately 45minutes. Make a good revision plan and stick by that. Keep swapping your subjects because doing just one subject will get you tired.

Go for Group Study:

Studying in groups will provide you with variety and moral support. Moreover, it’s motivating to have people around who are working together towards the same goals.

Deal with your Stress:

Having exam stress is perfectly normal. A little bit of Exam stress can be a positive and motivating but too much of it can negatively affect your performance. Make sure to take regular breaks, exercise daily, and spend time in other co-curricular activities.

Ask for Help:

Teachers always feel glad to assist and help out their sisters. So don’t feel afraid to ask your teachers for help. Talk with them if you need any clarification or you are struggling with a topic.

Get Plenty of Sleep:

Try to avoid studying till late at night. Sleep is important for students to succeed in exams. Getting a full eight hours of sleep will help your brain to get proper rest.

Make Preparation the Night Before:

Pack everything i.e. essential items like pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, calculator etc. the night before to avoid last minute rush.

Make your Morning Fruitful:

Always try to get up early in the morning and eat breakfast whether you are hungry or not. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes with the layers which you can add or remove because you don’t how warm or cold your exam room will be.

Take your Time in the Exam Room:

While you are waiting outside the exam room try not to discuss what you have studied with your friends. Sit quietly outside the room and breathe deeply. Once you are inside the exam room go through the exam instructions carefully. Allot time for each question. If you don’t know the answers of a particular question skip it and move towards the other. Remember not to leave the exam hall early. Properly use the time given to you and revise your answers.

Gurukul World School counted among Top 10 Schools in Mohali knows that exams are inevitable for students. These tips suggested by us can help students to get ready for and get through your exams.

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