Students must be provided a classroom culture where their conversational skills are actively developed. But the question remains why there is a need for teachers to familiarize their students with good conversations? Gurukul World School, top CBSE school in Mohali gives you the answer to this question:

• Builds Strong Relationships

Good conversations translate into stronger relationships. Collaboration and team work originates with meaningful exchanges. It leads to opening up proper channels motivation and feedback. So it is the responsibility of teachers to make students not only effective communicators but also highly skilled conversationalists.

• Improves Social Skills

Communication involves the thinking process where a person transforms his thoughts into words whereas conversation is talking or a personal interaction between two people. Engaging in productive conversations is a social skill where people interact with each other to exchange knowledge and increase proficiency. Conversing involves sharing ideas, feelings, imagination and experiences.

• Beneficial In A Professional Environment

The ability to strike good conversations is extremely beneficial for professional as well as personal relationships. Conversations can be built by presenting your viewpoint, asking relevant questions, responding, agreeing or disagreeing. Therefore, there are four types of conversations: Debate, Diatribe, Dialogue and Discourse. The first two are competitive whereas the last two cooperative in nature.

• Make Students Effective Communicators

Introducing students to Good Conversations is essential because it encourages students to speak up during a lesson or activity, which is the first step towards becoming effective communicators. Improving conversation enhances other skills like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency.

• How To Do It?

Clips from TV shows can be shown as an example of how to conduct conversations and make the environment casual and fun. Students can be assigned points of view for debating and asked to share their opinion focusing more on expression. When debating opposite points of view, students’ imaginations are activated.

We at Gurukul World School, best school in Mohali believe that the purpose of conversational skills is to make students to self-assured and confident when they express themselves in the real world.

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