As a student, you must want to maintain good grades in your exams. Yes, it is obvious. It is because you have promised your parents to do well in exams. But one of the major challenges that students face while studying properly is a lack of concentration. It is because you get distracted! It is because several things around you can distract you in the classroom that comes in various forms such as personal devices, unnecessary talking in the classroom, tardiness, social media etc. Gurukul World School, one of the best schools in Mohali always helps to keep students engaged in the classroom by opting for classroom arrangement strategies, rules of conduct, disruption prevention strategies, making a connection with the students in the classroom. Moreover, they always try to find the root cause of a student’s destruction so that they can solve it accordingly.

Tips to Avoid Distraction in the Classroom:

Now look at some of the tips that will help you to keep the focus on your study so that you can get the best out of your education:

  • Be Alert: Make your mind that you are ready to learn. Try to look board so that you don’t allow anyone to distract you. So, it is recommended to maintain a good sitting posture such as leaning slightly forward and keeping your head up.
  • Sitting Position Matters: It is recommended to position your body away from the person who always distracts you. In addition, always try to sit closer to your teacher and everyone else will be behind you. It will help you to be a focus on study.
  • Actively Participate in Class: If you actively participate in the classroom, you will not be distracted by anyone or anything. Focus your attention completely on the class and communicate with your teachers.
  • Switch Off Your Cell Phone: Cell phones can distract you in the classroom. Even a single message alert is enough to distract you in the classroom. So, just switch off your mobile phone when you are in the classroom or you can set your phone to flight mode so your device won’t bother you.
  • Take Notes in Class: Always keep a notebook, and try to write it down what your teacher says. It will work effectively to keep your focus and not to look at the surrounding.
  • Don’t Engage with the Distractor: When you feel that someone is trying to distract you, just show them your disinterest in this thing. It is more effective than reacting to their outbursts.
  • Reward Yourself: You can encourage yourself by setting up a reward system for yourself. Try to compete with yourself. It will provide you with a feeling of self-satisfaction.

Being the best CBSE School in Mohali, Gurukul World School always tries its best to create an interactive classroom that will help students to avoid distractions in the classroom.

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