Homework is meant to help students recollect the things taught in school. It improves the child’s retaining power and inculcates a sense of responsibility. But the amount of homework a child gets can affect his capability to engage with the subjects being taught to him. Homework is given as a practice to help a child develop his learning skills and sometimes too much of it can actually have an opposite effect.

At Gurukul World School, considered as one of the best CBSE schools in Mohali, we have a few suggestions on how to make homework more interesting rather than an obligation:

Making Students Understand the Value of Homework

Students may not consider the importance of homework as much as a teacher does, therefore, at first teachers must help them comprehend the seriousness of practicing different subjects at home. They may find it cumbersome, but eventually, they will understand that it gives a chance to put learning into practice.

Understanding Each Student’s Capacity and Capability

While some children are able to handle the pressure, some aren’t. It is important for teachers to observe what works well for each student and give the homework accordingly.

Communication Amongst Teachers

If a child is getting homework for each subject on a daily basis, it may have a negative effect on him, and he might feel burdened. The teachers can discuss amongst themselves about how much homework to assign and when to assign so that the children don’t feel stressed.

Family Time is Important

It is important for a child to interact with family and other’s and thus have a social life right from the start. Make sure homework is assigned in a way that a child is able to spend at least two hours with friends and family.

Involvement of Parents

It is important for parents to be involved in whatever their child is learning at school. It enhances communication with your child and you are likely to have a good bond with him. Stick to a clear and organized homework schedule that doesn’t put too much pressure on your child.

Counted amongst the top 10 schools in Mohali, we at Gurukul World School, are always ready to explore different ways to make learning a smooth process.

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