Defiance, tantrums, moodiness, reckless behavior and impulsiveness very well defines typical teenage traits. Teenage is as challenging for parents as it is for teenagers themselves. After several failed attempts of dealing with teenagers, parenting a teenager might seem an impossible task. The Gurukul World School, one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali has got you covered with some tips to deal with rebellious teenagers.

Understand the Cause

Before trying to deal with teenagers, know the cause of their rebellious behavior. One of the major causes of their violent behavior is that their brain is still actively developing and is different from the brain of an adult. Frontal Lobe, the part of the brain which is used to manage emotions, make decisions and reasons is restructured at an incredible rate during teenage. Hormones produced for physical adolescent leads to further complicated scenarios. Once you understand their development it is easier to overcome problems with them.


Even though your child may show indifference and anger, he still craves for love, approval, and acceptance from their parents. In order to reduce stress, build positive communication with them. Spare at least an hour or two every day and devote that time just to your child. Patiently listen to them while they discuss their problems. Let them finish before you react or provide solutions. Try to balance out your reactions. Extreme reaction from your side might scare them and they might refrain from sharing things with you from next time.

Helping Them Deal with Anger

Behind your child’s anger lies the feeling of frustration, fear, vulnerability, and embarrassment. When they fail to deal with these emotions, they end up lashing out through their anger. Patiently educate them about the positive way of expressing their anger.

Introduce Lifestyle Changes

Your child may rebel against a regular and healthy lifestyle but that doesn’t mean it isn’t essential for him. Introduce a proper schedule for them. Make sure that you share at least one meal with them in a day. Limit their screen time. Keep a check on what kind of content they are exposed to on the internet. Violent content may act as a trigger for their anguish. Keep them indulged in some physical activity as it helps to keep a check on their emotions.

Patience is the key when you are dealing with rebellious teens. Remember, adolescent years won’t last forever and you love, support and care is all they need for well-balanced adolescence. You always have an option to seek professional help if need be, that is why Gurukul World School, ranked among the best CBSE schools in Mohali has a guidance and counseling cell where a counselor is available to help you and your child.

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