Class tests are a significant part of the student’s learning. Every teacher wants their student to score well in the assessments. It is necessary that students enjoy the tests and not dread them. So, teachers need to beat the test prep blues by inculcating some creative tips and activities that make the preparation tests an engaging and productive activity.

These activities should be quick, versatile and enjoyable. Gurukul World School discusses some excellent formative assessments that are creative, low-tech, fun, and engaging for students. Moreover, these are straightforward for teachers to implement on an ongoing basis time.

1. Vocab Bingo!

Adding to the traditional game, Vocabulary Bingo is a fun way to reinforce definitions and meanings of the words. Let students select the difficult words to include in the Bingo sheet that they wish to remember and ‘call’ each word out by reading the definition and sentence formation of the term.

 2. Creative Doodles

Doodles are the best exercise to boost creativity and thinking skills in the child. Challenge students to use a drawing to explain the concept rather than making use of words.

 3. Top 10 Lists

Ask students to jot down the top ten pointers that they have learned from the chapter or a class discussion. Also, please encourage them to create a list that is somewhat brief and covers the entire chapter.

4. 3-2-1

Please encourage students to write three things they learned today, two things they want to learn or be good at, and one question they have.

 5. Peer Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way to learn about the content and students can write their questions and then quiz each other through which they would spend time in increasing their understanding of a particular topic. Also, it would help them in knowing about the incorrect answers and content to focus on.

 6. Past Postcards

Make history enjoyable. Past Postcards is an activity in which students adopt the personality of a historical figure and discuss a significant event from history that occurred. Also, they write a postcard to another historical character of the same era.

Gurukul World School, best school in Mohali, understands that the test days are most likely a stressful time for students and it is better to help relax students right before the test with calming exercises and healthy breakfast.

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