Physical activity is crucial for mental and physical development in kids. It aids in maintaining fitness and developing muscle strength. Apart from that, kids can also improve flexibility and focus on concentrating on their studies. According to CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), one hour of physical activity is crucial for children aged between 6 and 17. Gurukul World School promotes physical well-being for students.

Easy and fun exercises for kids

Often, kids may not seem interested in exercises. Another way to lure them is to term these activities as “exercise play.”
We teach simple exercises to kids for overall development. Here is a list of fun exercises for children.


The simplest exercise for kids is running. It is also the perfect exercise to satisfy their endless energy. With running, you can aid in the development of the lungs and heart of your kids. Besides, it also improves coordination and cognitive performance. Running outdoor is a refreshing activity. Gurukul World School is in the Top 10 Schools in Mohali for a balanced environment.


Another exercise that you can arrange for your kids is cycling. Here, you will need a suitable cycle and other riding gear. These include long-sleeved clothing, elbow pads, helmets, shoes, etc. Cycling allows relaxation of the mind and is an excellent exercise for thighs and ankles. Our School motivates students to remain fit.

   Crab walks

One of the most interesting exercises to strengthen muscles is crab walks. Here, kids have to sit with both knees pointed towards the upward direction. But the feet must be flat on the ground. Now, keep the hands on the floor but behind the back slightly. Then, start to walk backward by lifting the hips. This exercise aids in improving coordination.


Another exercise that equals to fun for kids is jumping. It improves coordination and aids in the development of core muscles and legs. Moreover, it instills a sense of competition when more than one kid is involved. In Gurukul School, students are encouraged to remain active.


Rope skipping is an excellent easy exercise for kids. It improves physical fitness and builds stamina and agility in children. Besides, it also enhances blood circulation and acts as a stress-buster. At Gurukul, we motivate students to participate in physical activities.

   Ball games

Different ball games are perfectly enjoyable for kids. For instance, throwing balls in a basket to hitting them on a target. It enhances coordination and also helps them to improve their balance. Gurukul World School arranges different activities for kids.

These are the exercises that you can motivate your kids to perform. At Gurukul World School, the Best School in Mohali, we encourage students to participate in sports.

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