A school is a place where a child learns all his knowledge for life. While curriculum books are there for the child to gain age-appropriate knowledge, still a child can’t be and shouldn’t be limited to these books alone. Gurukul World School, counted among the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, believes a school must have a library with an extensive collection of books from all genres and subjects. The benefits to be had from a library are numerous.


Availability of Curriculum-Based Books in the School

Books based on the syllabi, which are assigned to the students, present students with different perspectives and insights on the subject than presented by the books already part of their curriculum. This deepens their understanding of the subject and they can assimilate knowledge better.


It also has Books on Fiction

These books encourage reading habits in children, enhance their intellect and memorizing abilities. Moreover, they also make children more creative.


Encourages Study

The peaceful environs of a library encourage the students to study. Moreover, students are further encouraged to study by watching other students studying.


Urges Target Based Study

With fixed time available to finish the book, the students learn to complete their studies in a fixed period of time.


Encourages Students to Discover their Interests

With books on a vast variety of topics available, children discover what they like to read. The role of the librarian is also significant in this case.


A Library Instills a Habit

Going to the library to gain knowledge is a great habit to develop for life for the students.


It Assists the Students in Projects, Researches, etc.

A well-equipped library assists to prepare the students for their school projects, researches, and various declamation and debate competitions.


Diversion from Digital Devices

With the use of digital devices everywhere, the student must learn to read from printed books. With time this might be lost and libraries help to preserve just that.


Being the best CBSE schools in Mohali we believe that the importance of a library can never be emphasized enough.

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