Textbook reading or learning from new information can help in increasing knowledge but to enhance one’s creative thinking and critical thinking skills, having the right questions is one of the arts that an individual needs to be good at. As teachers, making students capable of provoking questions can help in making them grow in various ways as it will allow seeing the hidden paths, challenges, and problems that are not generally understood by ordinary individuals. That’s what makes them future leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and rebels.


Gurukul World School, best Mohali CBSE school, brings to you some strategies which can help students to ask questions.


Specific Goals: It is crucial to keep in mind the goals that you want to achieve, e.g. do you want them to improve critical thinking skills or to make them learn about a new concept. The questions you ask must accomplish the objectives.


Direct Questions: During classroom discussion, please take care of the fact that you don’t ask a complex and multi-layered question, instead ask a sequence or series of simple questions that make students walk through the process.


Ask one question at a time: Asking questions will make students more interactive and engaged, and will also help you measure and improve their learning. When you ask a lot of questions, students become unsure about which questions to answer, and that’s why it becomes necessary to ask one specific question at a time.


Open-ended questions: Asking open-ended questions and situational questions would help students to imagine and think creatively to analyze different scenarios. It is a great way to make them forward thinkers and boost analytical thinking.


Refine questions after class: Taking a brief note on which questions were most effective while collecting assignments or having a group discussion will help you in refining your questions the next time you teach in class.


Asking questions and facilitating discussion at the same time efficiently give rise to new perspectives and sharing of knowledge. Poorly constructed questions can lead to confusion and limit creative thinking, but well-crafted questions can give birth to new insights, and generate healthy plus constructive discussion. The above concepts and strategies can be applied in the classrooms to create an experiential learning environment.


Gurukul World School, Top CBSE schools in Mohali, promotes deep thinking and explores practical considerations to enhance student engagement and critical thinking.

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