Growing self-awareness in your child is indeed necessary. It is because it prepares the stage for their success in life by teaching them to understand their feelings, and thoughts and optimize their potential. This is why parents need to put some extra effort into developing self-awareness in their children and help them channel it in the right way. This all can help them live their life to the fullest confidence.

As a parent, you can help your child improve their self-awareness skills by following some effective strategies as recommended by Gurukul World School, the top CBSE school in Mohali.

Ways to Teach Your Child Self-Awareness:

  • Set a Good Example: Younger children always try to imitate their parents’ actions and language. It is an opportunity for the parents to set a good example for their children to teach them self-awareness. To do this, you can positively express your emotions. 
  • Help Your Child Identify their Emotions: Make sure you help your child identify, distinguish, and finally link different emotions. When a child will recognize the link between their feelings, thoughts, and actions, they can easily appropriately react to them.
  • Help Your Child Recognize their Strengths & Weaknesses: It is important to help your child identify their abilities, weaknesses, and shortcomings. It will help them embrace their strengths and build confidence.
  • Nurture Your Child’s Passion: It is recommended not to miss any single scope to compliment your child. Praise the ability of your child, rather than focusing on their failures. Let them understand how others value them. Thus you can help your child become more aware of their strength.
  • Let Your Child Try New Things: It is important to encourage your child involve in different activities and try new things. It will help them build confidence and gain awareness of what he or she is capable of. Make sure you praise their participation rather than focusing on their ability. Reassure your child that it is not necessary to be good at everything. Thus you can help your child identify and celebrate their strength.

The Bottom Line:

Gurukul World School, being one of the best CBSE Schools in Mohali never misses any chance to teach its students self-awareness. To do this, they involve students in several social and emotional activities on a regular basis from a very younger age to help them be self-aware. They always focus on helping their students achieve their goals.

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