Online teaching is mounting high day by day. However, many parents have a fear that making their children spending a huge amount of time in front of laptops or computer screens can spell havoc on their health. They want their kids to get involved in other activities as well like cooking, cleaning, dancing, planting so that they remain fit and healthy. And that’s why here balancing your activities in the right way plays a crucial role. Balancing online studies with other activities is very important.


We, at Gurukul World School, being the best Mohali CBSE school have curated some of the easy tips that will facilitate you in managing your screen time better.


Manage your view Time

Online education and other activities are very important these days to spend your time but are you managing or balancing your screen time with other activities? It is very important that you allow three hours each day i.e. two hours to your online studies in the morning and one hour for your other activities or socializing online with your friends. Always try to stay within your schedule, do not try to exceed the time you have set for yourself.



Indulge yourself in Yoga or try some other workout. Many fitness trainers are posting free video sessions these days for people to join them and watch their videos while doing exercise or yoga. Doing daily meditation will relax your mind in times of uncertainty.


Develop reading Habits

Why not do a reading? Pull out all the books you have kept in your bookshelf and start reading!


Take up the do it yourself project

With all the spare time that you have, there’s no other better time that’s going to come to put your hands on the things you want to do it yourself. Whether it is about redecorating the wall of your room or setting up a hanging garden in the balcony. Find out the tasks that you want to do while you are self-isolating.


Exercise indoors

Most of us plan to start exercising someday or the other, so why not just start it today? What could be a better place to exercise than from the comfort of your own home?


Gurukul World School, being the best CBSE schools in Mohali urges all the students and scholars to employ this time of uncertainty productively.

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