The way we communicate affects our over-all persona. Here language plays an important role. It helps us express our ideas, desires, and emotions in a way that the other person understands. Despite our ability to communicate, we often misunderstand what is being told to us and if it’s in another language, imagine how fast the misunderstanding would accelerate. If we travel to a place and are unaware of the language used there, we are likely to get confused every time we try to speak to somebody, worst case scenario we might even get lost!

Thus language plays an important role in enhancing our communication and brings us a step ahead in professional endeavors. As one of the best school in Mohali, we at Gurukul World School, have come up with 4 points on the importance of learning a new language. They are as under.

Job Opportunities

You are likely to get a good position at a firm if you have a list of languages written in your resume. Speaking two or more languages can improve your employment description. Every company now requires a professional who can handle several clients at a time and when you are able to speak various languages the chances of getting a good deal will be more.

Cross-Cultural Connections

Working in a firm gives you a chance to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. If you are not able to understand what others speak, then you are likely to feel out of place. You might find blending with people a tough task.


Language gives you an insight into what a place will be like. Being a tourist you’ll encounter locals trying to loot you. If you speak in their language they’ll understand that you are familiar with that place and will not bother you or ruin your experience.

Better Learner

Learning a new language is like solving a mathematic equation. It enhances your brain’s capacity, thus making you a better learner.

Listed in one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, we believe that in order to make our children stand out from others and prepare them to be the future of our nation, we must foster an education system that encourages them to learn different languages, right from an early stage.

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