Sight words are common words that are taught to children to recognize easily. To get a better understanding of phonics and familiarizing them with commonly used words, teaching sight words to kids is great.  Being one of the top CBSE schools in Mohali, we are committed to enhancing learning outcomes for children and share the following tips for teaching sight words.

  • Make Use of Stories or Tunes

When you want to teach the tiny tots something, it is important to keep it fun and engaging. Using fun stories that capture children’s interest to teach them sight words is a great way. Similarly, incorporate these sight words into a song or some music by creating a catchy tune that they can sing along to and memorize easily.

  • Print Out a List of Sight Words

Prepare a list of sight words on some colorful paper and make it visually appealing. Stick it on a cupboard or the fridge so that kids can see it. Since we all have strong visual memory they will learn the words more quickly.

  • Flash Cards

Another great option besides printed lists is flash cards. They represent the sight words in a short and catchy format which makes it easier for children to memorize and remember the words.

  • Games are Fun

We all know game-based learning is important for child’s learning process. You can incorporate some of its elements while teaching sight words to your kids through some yet engaging and interactive games.

  • Consistent Revision

Children can forget the things they learn easily if they don’t revise it regularly because they are learning so much new information every day. So make a point to make them brush up on the old words before they move on to learning new ones.

At the best Mohali school, we are dedicated to laying a strong foundation of learning for children and structure our curriculum around your children’s intellectual, cognitive, learning and developmental needs.

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