Homework is a way through which your child remains in touch with the things he learnt at school. However, being the carefree souls, children tend to procrastinate doing homework and prefer spending their time playing or lazing around. In such a situation, getting children to do their homework seems an achievable task for parents.

Gurukul World School, one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali has got you covered with 5 tips to encourage your children to do homework:

Formulate a Schedule

Formulate a proper schedule for and make sure your child follows it. When forming the schedule make sure that you give your child enough time to rest when they come back from school. It helps to keep their mind fresh and increases their productivity. Also, allot the time of homework ahead of their playtime, so that they don’t compromise doing homework.

Choose a Separate Spot

Choose a quiet and separate spot of home for them to do their homework. Create an environment which must complement learning. Ensure proper lighting and sitting arrangement. Make sure the children are away from any distractions. Keep phones away from them when they are doing their homework.

Allow Breaks

Don’t be harsh on your kid, allow them to take breaks in between. This brings efficiency to their work and ensures that they don’t get exhausted while doing their homework. However, make sure to keep breaks short. Long breaks tend to alter their concentration and productivity.

Make It Their Responsibility

Their homework isn’t your responsibility, it is theirs. Never do their homework for them, if need be you can guide them through it. In this way, they will learn to be independent and responsible. It also gives them an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Let Them Deal with Consequences

Let them decide for themselves. If they ever choose to go to school without doing the homework, rather than scolding or punishing them, let them deal with consequences. Once they learn that their actions have consequences, they will take the necessary measures. Also, never ask their teachers for extra time on their behalf. It will make them more careless next time.

Once they are done with homework, always review it for neatness and presentation. In addition to this keep yourself updated with your child’s school life. To ensure better communication between parents and teachers, Gurukul World School, listed among one of the CBSE schools in Mohali organizes Parents Teacher Meeting on regular intervals.

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