When it comes to studying, students must plan ahead of time by scheduling their study hours. As a result, parents must assist their children in balancing study and leisure time in order to effectively manage the pressures of school. As recommended by Gurukul World School, the best CBSE school in Mohali, It will help your children organise their days and engage them in productive activities. The timetable is a well-constructed planner that provides a routine. It helps students plan their days well in advance. Proper planning of study hours is an effective way to manage study time and help students understand its importance. Customizing a perfect schedule is a daunting task. 

Tips to Help Your Child Curate a Study Timetable:

  • Strike a Perfect Balance: When it comes to curating a perfect study timetable, it is important to prepare it with a perfect balance of academics, extracurricular activities, leisure time, and enough sleep time. Though it is a difficult task, you can still make a proper timetable for your child by checking out the number of subjects and the amount of time to be spent on each subject. In this way, you can split out proportional durations for all the subjects. You will also be able to plan your children’s study hours this way.
  • Create a backup plan: If you make your child repeat the same schedule and routine regularly, it will bore them. Instead, what you can do is have a backup plan for the schedule. Make sure you are not constantly pressuring your child to study; it is also important to focus on lifting your child’s mood by engaging them in their favourite leisure activities.
  • Plan the Study Hours Carefully: Make sure to give limited time to subjects that your children understand better and some extra time to subjects that your child is unsure about.

Gurukul World School, being one of the top CBSE school in Mohali, always encourages parents to help their children create a simple but effective study plan. It will help children put away all the tensions and embarrassment related to exams. Thus, parents can help their children be confident in their exams and help them score well.

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