Exams are the most stressful and important time for students. Students are under a lot of pressure which can affect their health. So, it is very important for them to take a proper diet so that they can study and concentrate well. Gurukul World School, listed among top CBSE schools in Mohali, does not let their students get into a lot of pressure.

We have certain suggestions that will help them to maintain a healthy diet during exams:

Proper Breakfast

Most students skip their breakfast as teenagers focus on flatting nowadays which is wrong as it will worsen their health. Student’s diet routine must include breakfast, especially during exams. Breakfast should be heavy so that their stomach is full.

Drink Water

Drink as much water as you can. Drinking water increases blood circulation which increases oxygen in the brain, and this eventually helps in building memory power and retaining things easily.

Nutritional Requirements

It is crucial to meet daily nutritional requirements for one’s body to maintain health. Make sure that you consume protein, energy, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals through food resources. Each nutrient plays an important role in establishing health, metabolism, and proper function of the body.

Sit at Table to Eat

Eating on the table helps to reduce stress and tends to increase self-esteem, interaction with peers and helps you to get more relaxed. It also teaches social skills.


It is also important for students to get enough sleep. Revising lessons at night will not help them. If you are having an exam the next day it is important for you to be better off to sleep early and relax. It is also important that you get enough sleep.

Having poor diet will affect your sleep your mood your concentration level hence you will struggle to focus. We at Gurukul World School, being the best schools in Mohali, believe that eating right, having healthy snacks and plenty of water will greatly aid student’s concentration level and gives them a lot of energy.

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