Collaborative learning is something schools have keenly focused on these days. And we at Gurukul, the Best School in Mohali ensure when we team up students together they interact with each other rather than indulging into their laptops. Collaborative learning is an attempt to bring about two or more students to work together in harmony.

Here are a few strategies that would help to inculcate collaborative learning in your education curriculum:

– Complex Learning Activities

Students always look for a reason to collaborate and if the assignments given are too easy or simple, the learning process becomes too easy and students tend to work alone rather than to seek help. An assignment, if complex, becomes challenging, engaging, enriching and requires an element of positive independence.

– Student Teamwork

One cannot just assign a collaborative group, it must be built and nurtured. Students need to learn how to work and grow effectively with others alongside working as a part of a team. They must be instilled with the art of effective and active listening. An active opportunity of developing skills like that of leadership, decision-making, communication and conflict management must be given.

– Build Opportunities for Discussion

Having or indulging into rich discussions that help connect students with others’ experiences, that help engage them deeply into a shared intellectual experience and that in turns to promote reaching to a consensus that is essential to collaborate. It helps build both academic and social skills wherein students learn to defend their ideas and thus debate effectively.

At Gurukul, among the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, we as teachers ensure that students don’t just share the same physical space but that they share the same intellectual space, space where they learn more, do more and have an experience of doing more, together. A shift from teacher to coach must be present that thus promotes autonomy.

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