How do teachers help the students retain what they learn? This question rang a bell in the minds of two educators – Robert Berns and Patricia Erickson. They proposed a way for students to understand why and how can they apply what they learn in real life which would, in turn, help them remember their lessons better.

Contextual learning helps the students build memories and experiences from what they learn in class. As the best CBSE school in Mohali, we at Gurukul World School, foster education using techniques that enhance the student’s experience of learning.

Here are a few benefits of contextual learning:

Finding Meaning

When students start applying their experiences in the lessons, it helps them to find deeper meanings, as to why something happened and how they can justify the situation.


When students start relating two things at a time it puts more impact on their mind and thus lessons learnt to retain for a longer period of time.

Different Designs for Learning

Using multiple teaching modalities incorporates different designs for learning, valuable for both teacher and students.

Concepts are Cleared by Discovery

When students evaluate a problem, they approach various methods of solving it. This helps them to discover problem-solving methods that they may not be aware of before.

Increased Engagement

When students apply what they learn practically they get more engaged with the subject and understand every minute thing.


When students are taught through contextual learning they are able to provide ongoing feedback to the teachers.

Strengthens the Concept

Contextual learning makes lessons more productive by strengthening the concepts from the start. The students are able to relate in a better way than the traditional way of learning.

Topping the list of schools in Mohali, at Gurukul World School, we believe that children understand better by practicing what they learn.

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