When it comes to your children’s online activities, as a parent you need to make sure they are protected against inappropriate/ harmful content, malicious software, cyber attacks, and undesirable people.

So, it is important to teach your child a few online safety tips to keep them safe from the numerous threats on the web. Gurukul World School, one of the top CBSE schools in Mohali gives importance to utilizing the latest technology along with teaching them how to safety while being on the Internet.

Ways to Protect Your Kids Online:

Now the question is how to provide Internet safety for your kids? Thanks to the easy-to-use Internet security software that reduces a lot of danger and can effectively protect anyone from doing undesirable action.

Moreover, here are some tips for you to help your child stay safe on the Internet:

  • Giving Your Child Trust & Respect: Make sure your kids have a separate space to learn and grow from their own choices. It is not a good idea to have oppressive content control over your child as it can result in making them more rebellious. It is because your child is born into the world of the Internet and they have an inherent comfort with the Internet. So, make sure your online security controls go hand-in-hand with respecting your child.
  • Provide Guidelines for Using the Internet: Let your child know what they should and should not do on the Internet. For example, you can provide them with strict guidelines by telling your child not to make an online purchase, use instant messaging programs, visit Internet chat rooms, download and install any app without your permission, etc.
  • Managing & Monitoring Your Child’s Internet Access: For parents, it is critical to manage and monitor their child’s Internet access. You can make this possible with the help of different parental control software or antivirus software programs. They will help you to manage the time your child spends online and deal with issues like spyware and viruses from websites your child may unwillingly visit. Simply put, parental control features allow you to control all aspects of your child’s Internet experience.

The Bottom Line:

Teaching your child about the risks of online activity is an important step to keeping their experience safe, fun, and secure. Gurukul World School, the best school in Mohali always provides the best guide for their students to keep them safe on the Internet.

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