Sometimes people lose their temper and control over themselves resulting in various emotional outbursts. Children are not exceptional. They also suffer from mental health crises at some moments when parents face difficulties controlling their behavior. For instance, sometimes they may be angry, violent, sad, withdrawn, or anything else that can affect their ability to communicate and learn at that moment.

Sometimes parents take it very casually by thinking that this is just a phase that will pass soon. But, this is not the right approach to treating children when they are in such a critical situation. Again sometimes parents consider it just as a tantrum rather than a mental health crisis. So, it is important for parents to recognize their children in a crisis and then deal with the situation in the most preferred way. 

Once you have determined that your child may be in crisis, make sure you take some right decisions and execute them properly. Here are some tips recommended by Gurukul World School, the best CBSE school in Mohali to help parents proceed to help their child overcome such a crucial phase. 

  • Control Your Anxiety: First, it is important to stay in control of your emotions to assure your child that you can handle their problems. It is because children always want their parents to be worried about them and if it appears that you are also panic-stricken, then they will not confide in you.
  • Create a Safe Space for Them: Make sure you create a space for your child that makes them feel safe and express themselves without any hesitation.
  • Have Conversations with Your Child: It is important to have free conversations with your child about their feelings and behaviors. This is the best way to help your child understand that crisis is common to all and you are always here to support him/her no matter how critical the situation. 
  • Talk to Others or Professionals: When you feel that you are unable to control the situation all alone, make sure you take assistance from others who know your children such as teachers, family members, older siblings, coaches, and others. You can also consult with professionals when required. 
  • Listen Carefully to Your Child: One of the best ways to help your child deal with a mental crisis is by listening to them fully rather than you speak. Carefully listen to their problems and help  to solve them. This will help them to overcome their mental crisis.


Children are not born with an understanding of their emotions. They don’t even know how to regulate their emotions. So, it is always recommended to provide a good role model to your child on how to manage negative emotions and express them in the most positive ways.

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