Students who use digital learning tools and technology as a part of their learning process find it easy to develop a stronger interest in studies and working towards growing their knowledge base. Gurukul World School, top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, believes digitalization is now a major part of the modern education system and especially, the parents should attempt to incorporate it in their child’s curriculum.

Digitization can help students to develop and refine their learning skills, and it’s the most innovative and vast medium to learn the required skills for any work they might wish to do. For example, if one attempts to resolve any faults found in a car by following instruction manuals alone, they’d be having a difficult time. But, with the disposal of video graphic tutorials and expert advice on their digital devices, the task becomes a lot easier. A similar scenario can be adopted in classrooms and education as well.

Parents can make use of digital activities for increasing their child’s interest in learning. Games and animated tutorial videos make the process interesting and exciting for young students. Parents can also provide them access to online classes and learning portals to develop a stronger foundation for their educational purposes. Such technological tools provide enjoyment to kids as well as numerous other benefits for a student’s academic and co-curricular progress. Everyone including the parents can benefit greatly from the digitization of learning.

Online classes at home can help parents to teach their children themselves and be more aware of and involved in their child’s education. Parents who understand how digital learning tools can be helpful create a sound environment for the student’s all-rounded improvement.

Digital literacy is the component that makes the students responsible for how they utilize and interact with the technology made available to them. Gurukul World School, Best School in Mohali, believes that within a few years an illiterate will not be a person who cannot read but a person cannot learn.

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