One of the most stressful and important decisions for parents nowadays is getting your child admitted to the best schools. With the availability of numerous schools these days it has become quite a difficult task for parents to select a good school for their children. The range of options available with parents is so wide that it confuses them in taking an apt decision about their child’s school admission. Selecting a good school for your child requires thorough research and comparison of different schools. This research and comparison of various schools has to be based on certain parameters.


Gurukul World School counted among the top 10 schools in Mohali brings to you a list of certain parameters on the basis of which parents can compare different schools and take an informed decision.



The primary purpose of a school is to provide quality education. Every school has its curriculum which includes content to be taught in different subjects, pedagogy or the way the content is to be taught. The kind of learning experiences a school provides to children defines their approach towards teaching and learning and outlines its vision. A good school will focus on holistic development instead of learning for examinations.


Teaching Faculty

A school without teachers will be a place where the primary goal of education is not being fulfilled. The learning experiences that are provided in a school are done by teachers. Teachers are the ones who deliver teaching and learning experiences and motivate children to nurture and grow. Hence, it becomes very critical to have the right kind of teaching staff with apt qualities who will be able to translate the vision of the school into a reality.


Safety and Hygiene

Parents are mostly concerned about their children’s safety. A good school is one that takes care of the safety measures in detail. Every little aspect is taken seriously and all safety measures are in place for a good school.


Growth Mindset

A good school has leadership with a growth mindset. The focus of the school shifts from high achievement scores to wellness and development of children. Children can learn and still score good marks but what is important is that children get such learning opportunities that promote and nurture holistic development.


Gurukul World School, the best CBSE schools in Mohali, believes that these are some of the main parameters on the basis of which a school can be judged as good or not. There are several other factors that will contribute in making a school good and in turn influence parents’ decisions.

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