Parents have unceasingly been trying to provide protection and a secure atmosphere for their kids. Yet some constituents go scorned and withhold children of individual care and attention.

In an actively advancing world where discoveries and inventions have played a huge part in survival, it has become crucial for parents to keep children away from inappropriate online content and other technical malformations. Hence in modern times, it is necessary to introduce youth to cyber security and protection.

Being among the top schools in Mohali, we make sure that we guide guardians and parents well for students’ regular and secured learning.

Here we have some tips that parents may follow to set control for adolescent learner’s security.

Internet Surfing Under Proper Supervision 

Evaluation is important. Thus, watch your kid’s time online. Pick a spot from where you can keep an eye and you have a hold over his/her actions. Indulge in their space frequently by communicating about their perception and your guidelines.

Keep an eye on their online interactions

Encourage your child to be cyber-wise right from a young age as it’s a digital world. They need to understand that the internet is a public platform. So, they need to be careful with their communications with strangers in the public panel.

Safety On Social Sites 

Guide your kid to conduct themselves honorably and politely when online. Advise them to schedule their daily screen time with some no screen days as well. Make sure that you don’t seed fear or keep them away from obtaining other advantages of the internet. Rather, support them to learn skills and make the most out of these online platforms.

At Gurukul World School, the best school in Mohali, we attempt to mentor parents so they oversee our future guides and nourish them to become qualified and skillful selves.

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